Ever since our latest album Land Animal was released on vinyl, many have asked when the rest of our catalog is coming to the format. A good question, to be sure, so we looked into it. Turns out, 2016’s Say So and 2014’s Shiny Eyed Babies are far too long to fit on a single LP, resulting in a considerably higher cost per unit and a band wondering how to fund the manufacturing. So, here’s where you come in. If you’d like a copy of Say So on vinyl, preorder it via our Kickstarter campaign. If there’s enough demand to meet the cost of a pressing, we’ll make it happen. If there’s enough interest to cover the expense of two pressings (the elusive stretch goal), we’ll cut Shiny Eyed Babies to wax as well. Check out the whole campaign at http://kck.st/2HUNbBv, and don't delay — the preorder window closes April 20th.