We recently sat down with Tori Bedford of WGBH to chat about band dynamics, creative process, and our new album, Say So. You can read the full article at http://goo.gl/s53gtn.

"That’s the beauty of Bent Knee — it is perhaps one-sixth prog rock, as far as Wallace-Ailsworth is concerned. The other fractions are just as varied; Baum’s precision and polish, Levin’s rap, musical theatre, and improv-influenced style, Kion’s experimental nature, Swain, who brings unparalleled power and intensity from classically-trained roots, and Welch, who fuses everything together. No one genre can accurately encompass the lovable weirdness of Bent Knee.. both personally and musically, [they] continue to push themselves out of their comfort zone, trying everything in every direction."

Photo Credit:  Geschmacksrichtung Grün